Smart cities viewed from an Information Communication Technology (ICT) perspective is about sophisticated sensors, communication protocols, smart devices and cloud computing. Interconnected over public or private Internet Protocol (IP) networks, these interconnected objects transmit cyber information and data when collected either on real time basis or at regular intervals can be analysed and used to initiate action. It provides a wealth of intelligence for planning, management and decision making. IOT brings opportunity for a better future and a better world.

The advent usage of smart system like our smart phone and other devices which operates wirelessly now connects people within space and time, allowing a seamless integration of the real world to the virtual world.

Tapping on this connectivity platform, it provide a conduit for information and data for correction and enhancement of excellent delivery of services timely on demand. Technicians, janitorial service providers, security personnel, property managers, tenant, public and building owners can be meaningfully engaged through their smart technology infrastructure.

As at 2010 the numbers of everyday devices and physical objects connected to the internet was around 2.5 billion. Cisco forecasts that this figure is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020.

One obvious benefit for the use of ICT in the IoT world for the real estate industry is the adoption of new technologies to stay competitive, streamlingly business processes and innovating new services to stay lean and contain costs.

REsolve real estate software provide "the eye to see and ability to recognise" what need to make the real estate under their management efficient and effective into the future economy

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